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Until the truth becomes a lie...

Don't save me.

8/6/07 08:20 pm - no need to get drunk when your heart is no longer empty.

life is pretty nice... there's still some b.s. going on but its easy to deal with when you're clear headed. i've been thinking a lot latly and i've realized 3 important things about myself.

1) i'm to the point in my life were all i want to do is stay in and cuddle with sonny. everyone thinks i'm nuts for loving him so much but he's good to me and he's the only guy that can put up with all my b.s. and after 6 months, 3 fights, and 1 break up; i know he's the one i want to spend the rest of my life with and i know he feels the same way.

2) i've also realized that i don't want anymore friends, i have more than enough and the ones that i have are amazing.

3) and the last realization is that megan, chantelle, sean, and sonny are my family. i'm not sad about not talking to anyone in my family anymore and from what i've been told, they realize now that they've needed me more than i ever needed them, i'm glad i don't need them.

So all in all after 18 years and 10 months i finally got my shit together and i'm ready to settle down with the most amazing man i have ever met.

5/24/07 02:21 pm - i'm having the time of my life

aparment and roommates are amazing.
my dad and i are cool,
my mom not so much but whatev.
it's beenover a month and sonny and i are wonderful,
he loves me and i love him.
dropped hella people and i've never felt better,
got in touch with old friends.
basically life is full of more good things than the usual bs.

5/20/07 05:01 am - new house, new hair

apartment with best friend is grand.

5/8/07 10:47 am

my life in general is amazing,
SCHOOL=gaygaygay and i'm not going next year =)
HOME= i really need to move out =/
FRIENDS= i know who my true friends are and it's wonderful =)
BOY= i really really really like him, 
(how do i know? i don't even 
answer or look at my phone 
when i'm with him and we talk 24/7 
and after a month it feels like the first day)
haha how gay but true =)

so overall i'm really happy regardless of some bs,
but it's cool cuz i don"t give a fuuuuuck. 

4/2/07 05:22 am - paint the world crayola blue.

i had to put my dog cooksy down today and even though everyone is reassuring me that i did the right thing, i can't help but feel miserable. the worst part is coming into my room and not being able to see her stand on her little two hind legs as i blow her kisses; instead its her empty blanket that's laying on my bed.

12/17/06 12:54 am - back in cali and

life is amazing right now...
parents & i getting along
chill job w/ cute kids
amazing new friends
starting school soon wich 
i am very excited about.

oh & texas is most def. the ugliest place ever
but i enjoyed my time there very, very much.

4/23/05 07:22 pm - hallllllo livejournal

my name is sindy,
i'm a pretty rad person,
and this is my livejournal.
leave me a comment if you want to be added!

God Bless!
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